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Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Tesco nearly doubled its number of stores in the Czech Republic from 35 at February 2006 to 76 by August 2006. The sales area also nearly doubled in this time. By August 2007 Tesco had 85 stores in the Czech Republic, with half of these being hypermarkets.. However, Tesco is also opening Express format stores in the Czech Republic in order to maintain a competitive edge over discount rivals such as Lidl .

Many of its Czech stores focus on discount business stocking cheaper brands. Tesco is one of the market leaders in the Czech Republic.

By 2012, Tesco had 322 stores. Part of the recent increase in store numbers is a result of Tesco’s acquisition of stores in the Czech Republic from Carrefour as part of a swap in exchange for stores in Taiwan (read more). Tesco has also bought stores from German retailer Edeka (read more) and the Zabka and Koruna stores. Both Edeka and Carrefour pulled out of the Czech Republic because it is a highly competitive market but Tesco has continued to expand and do well out of its Czech business. There are 103 Zabka stores which operate as a franchise.

In February 2012, Tesco and three other retailers were criticised by the Czech Food Inspection Agency for altering expiry dates on their products.