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Stop Hanley Grange, Cambridgeshire

On 17th July 2008 the Daily Telegraph reported that plans for an eco-town at Hanley Grange had been shelved because the Wellcome Trust, following pressure from residents, refused to sell land to Tesco. And on the 29th August 2008 The Times reported that Tesco has "pulled the plug" on the project. According to the article Tesco plan to start afresh with a conventional development on the site via the East of England regional strategy plan.

Hanley Grange near Hinxton, was one of 15 proposed 'eco-towns' across the UK to be whittled down to 10 by the Department of Communities and Local Government. Hanley Grange is a greenfield site of prime agricultural land, south of Cambridge.

Campaigners against the Hanley Grange eco-town discovered that the developers, Jarrow Investments, are a shell company who have what they call a 'contractual' relationship with Tesco.  According to an article in the Cambridge News, Cllr David Bard from South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC), has voiced concerned about Tesco's involvement with the development
because of the impact on both the town centre and on shopping outles in neighbouring villages. Tesco says it is "one of the landowners" at the Hanley Grange site.

Public consultations on the proposed sites closed at the end of June. For further information please visit and the 10 Downing website at

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Stop Hanley Grange, Cambridgeshire

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