Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Stokes Croft, Bristol

Tesco secured the lease on an old comedy club (Jesters) on the Cheltenham Road in 2010. Over 2,500 petition cards were sent to Bristol City Council from people who didn’t want a Tesco in Stokes Croft.

Campaign group No Tesco in Stokes Croft’s own consultation of nearly 500 people found a staggering 96% believe the Cheltenham Road does not need another supermarket – there are already five Tesco stores trading within one mile.

Campaigners sought a Judicial Review of the decision on the grounds that the Council refused to assess the threat to public and highway safety posed by increased deliveries to the store. They were denied a judicial review but in May the group won the right to appeal against the decision to deny them a judicial review into the granting of planning permission for the Cheltenham Road store. 

In August 2010 Tesco submitted its final planning applications to change the shop front and for an alcohol license.

On 16th September planning officers recommended changes to the shop front go ahead and on 22nd September Councillors approved change to the exterior and new signage but requested that Tesco carry out a noise impact assessment on the equipment in the store and report back to planners.

In October Tesco's application for an alcohol licence was refused on the basis of the negative impact it would have on problematic street drinking in the area and an over-concentration of existing off licences.

In early December the noise report was completed and the development control committee met on the 8th December and voted 4-3 to give Tesco planning permission.

Of the 95 representations on the latest application, only two are in support.The 93 objectors argue a multi-national store could be out of character with the area and say it would have a harmful affect on local businesses.

Members of the "No To Tesco In Stokes Croft" campaign group also claim the noise report is "highly inaccurate", and claim assessments of the amount of noise a condenser included in the plans does not match the manufacturer's own information. Please see an article in the Evening Post, 2nd December 2010.

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Campaign Updates
Stokes Croft, Bristol

24 November 2011
High Court judge supports Council's decision

A High Court judge ruled the council and supermarket both acted lawfully.

2 May 2011
Campaign group win right to appeal

An appeal hearing at Cardiff Administrative Court was held on June 15th. 

9 December 2010
Tesco plans approved