Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Earl Shilton, Leicester

A developer was in talks with Earl Shilton Town Council and the town’s business forum, about plans by a supermarket chain for a store in the town. Parts of the plans show Wood Street Community Park would make way for the store and the home of Earl Shilton Town Cricket Club could become the future park, while the club could be relocated to a new pitch. Hardy & Draper Carpets & Interiors, along with a row of houses next to it, will be demolished and new shop units would be created in their place.

Save Wood Street Community Park Action Group was formed in January 2012 to represent the views of the residents of Earl Shilton who are opposed to any development of their park.  The majority of ordinary residents and the small shop owners in the town are very much against the proposal.  The small traders feel that it would be the "final nail in their coffins". Signatures are being collected to present to the Town Council as they own the park (on behalf of the residents), and would have to give their approval to the sale of the park to the developers.  To date no agreement has been reached with the Cricket Club, and the developers "fall back" site would see the park moved to an area out of public view which would be most unsuitable.

 Save Wood Street Park Action Group led the fight to stop this development, and although the decision taken by the Councillors was not entirely based on the group's opposition, nevertheless the views of residents (including a petition with over 2,000 signatures) would have been in the back of their minds.  The group will now continue to fight to have the park protected in perpetuity, and the Town Green Application is still awaiting a decision.

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Campaign Updates
Earl Shilton, Leicester

15 January 2013
Town Green Application

Earl Shilton Town Council voted to end their negotiations with Morgan, Davis & Wherry over the developer's proposal to build a supermarket off Wood Street. 

27 September 2012
Supermarket backs down

An impasse had been reached in proposals for a new supermarket with developers claiming that as planning applications are expensive they will not submit one until they believe they have the support of the town council and residents. The town council has passed a resolution that they will not discuss the matter and not hold a people’s poll until plans are in.