Campaigning to curb supermarket power

A supermarket has just opened in my area. What can I do about this?

If a supermarket has opened in your area or is about to open, there are still things that you can do:

  • Promote positive alternatives and support your local shops.
  • Inform people in the area about the problems caused by supermarkets. Tell your neighbours, family and friends about some of the issues discussed on the Tescopoly website. You could also distribute Tescopoly leaflets and action cards - please contact us for more information at
  • Campaign against other new supermarket applications in your area, or lend your support to another local campaign. It is more than likely that there is another local supermarket campaign somewhere near you, or that there is an application that you can start a campaign against!
  • Keep an eye on the new store, to make sure that the conditions imposed aren’t being broken. Also make sure that any promises made by the developers are being fulfilled. Contact the Council if you think these are being broken.
  • Get involved in your local Council's forward planning process on retailing. Local Councils put together Local Development Frameworks (LDFs). These processes have to include formal community involvement, and you can try to get better retail policies included. This will make it easier for the council to scrutinise future applications and ensure that only the best type of development takes place.
  • Monitor the impact of the new store, for example on local retailers or traffic. If you know that a store is about to be built, measure current levels of traffic or turnover figures at local shops. Once the shop has been built, see how the figures compare straight away and after several months,as this will be useful for future campaigns. A campaign against Tesco proposals in Stretford, Greater Manchester, submitted evidence on the impact of a nearby store in Burnage, which was considered by the Inspector deciding on the application.