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How can I get involved in a Planning Inquiry or if the application is called-in/goes to appeal?

 Like the process for an application considered by the local Council, you can make your opinions heard in the appeals/call-in process. One difference is that this process is often longer, and can involve more formal channels for getting involved.

You can submit objections in writing to the Planning Inspector on the application. Don’t forget that whether the application is being considered by the local Council or the Planning Inspectorate, the decision should be based on sound planning reasons and the relevant national, regional and local guidance. This means that you can make your voice heard on the application at any stage, and that the more you connect your objections with the relevant guidance, the stronger your objection will be. The Planning Inspector will have more time at his/her disposal than many local Councils, so the process is a real opportunity to consider all the details and scrutinise the application and its supporting documents. However, unless you have additional points to make, your original submission should suffice.

If there is a Public Inquiry, you may be able to go along and express your opinions as members of the public. You will need to tell the inquiry that you want to make a case, and will usually have to make a formal objection to the Council. This should state your objection but can state that your full case will be given later.

If you want to get involved in a public inquiry, please see Friends of the Earth's guide to Public Inquiries.

Contact us and we will be able to put you in touch with other local campaigners who have got involved in an Inquiry.