Campaigning to curb supermarket power

How can I find other local people to join?

It is important to develop clear messages to put across your points. You could create some written and visual materials, such as leaflets and posters. Keep them as clear, concise and to the point as possible. Distribute leaflets to those people most likely to be affected by the development, including local residents and businesses. 

Get in touch with:

  • residents likely to be affected by the development
  • existing retailers
  • traders groups such as the local Chamber of Commerce or Chamber of Trade, or a local branch of the Federation of Small Businesses
  • citizens and environmental groups such as the local branches of Friends of the Earth and the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

You could organise a public meeting. Try to do this together with other local groups. You could invite local celebrities or supermarket campaigners from other areas to speak at the meeting.

Try to get in touch with the local media. Increasingly, local newspapers and regional television in particular are giving more and more coverage to local supermarket planning battles. Getting coverage in the local media can add a lot of strength to your campaign and help to put pressure on the supermarket chain and the Council. To start a debate in your local newspaper you could write a letter to the paper which would hopefully trigger a debate on the letters page.

Use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to get your point across. However, be aware that these sites are open to anyone across the world, so could be open to abuse or misrepresentation.

Contact us if you would like your campaign to be listed on the Tescopoly website. This can add more publicity to your campaign nationally. We can also publicise any campaign materials you produce, objection letters and so on.