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Do local people have to be consulted about a new supermarket?

Yes. When any application is received it will be validated by the Council, after which the council have to publish information about the application for people to see and reply to. It should be published on the Council’s planning register. This is usually now available online on the Council’s website. Ask the Council if you don’t know the planning application reference number and want to see the entry on the online planning register. Alternatively, you should be able to visit the Council offices to view the application and any documents submitted with it. If you do not have access to the internet and would have difficulties visiting the Council offices, contact the Council.

Local Councils are also required to publicise the application with a notice on the site or by an advert in a local newspaper. This should include a deadline by which time submissions on the application should be made.

Once the application has been publicised, you can submit a planning objection in writing, and talk to councillors and planning officers about the application.

The process should be the same for any application, whether it is a new store, or an application for an extension to an existing store, changes to conditions in the original planning consent, or changes to the design of the store.

If you have concerns about the level of consultation carried out by the Council and think they may not have carried out sufficient consultation, you may have a case for a judicial review. If you feel this may be the case, please contact us for more information, or contact the Environmental Law Foundation or phone Friends of the Earth’s environmental law helpline on Wednesday evenings at 0808 801 0405.

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