Campaigning to curb supermarket power



Ollerton, Nottinghamshire

Residents in Ollerton have set up a website to record and publicise their efforts to curb the noise and vehicle nuisance problems from a Tesco store. They have been told by the local police that should report every complaint to the district council as it is down to them to investigate and resolve... Read More

Radford, Nottinghamshire

Shopkeepers celebrated after a Tesco application was refused in Ilkeston Road, Nottingham in March 2008. The store had originally been refused by Nottingham City Council. But Tesco appealed but the appeal was dismissed.

Retford, Nottinghamshire

Asda wants to create the town's first fully automatic petrol station just off Chancery Lane right next to Kings' Park.

The plans were met with opposition and around 500 people signed up to support a protest page on Facebook. Residents are concerned because traffic is already bad in that location, it is in a conservation area and the police and fire services might be hindered in getting... Read More