Campaigning to curb supermarket power



Paddock Wood, Kent

Tesco plans to build a new superstore in the centre of Paddock Wood. Tesco already has an Express store in the area but is also interested in building a small supermarket.


Pembury, Kent

In January 2011 Councillors approved Tesco's plans to triple the size of its store.

Residents in Pembury were concerned about Tesco's plans claiming it could cause "traffic chaos" in the village. Tesco won approval to replace its existing 2,093sq m premises with a 5,539sq m single-storey development and pledged to widen parts of the A228 and A264 to improve traffic flow. For further... Read More

Riverhead, Sevenoaks, Kent

In 2006 Tesco submitted a revised planning application to increase the size of its store in Riverhead. The application involved increasing the store from 4,793 sq m to 7,269 sq m. It would also involve increasing the proportion of non-convenience goods being sold from 10% to 31%. The application was opposed strongly by local residents, Riverhead Parish Council, Sevenoaks Town Council and... Read More