Campaigning to curb supermarket power



Coleford, Gloucestershire

In January 2013 the Public Inquiry into the proposed Tesco supermarket in Coleford was abruptly halted because of legal arguments. Many opponents of the scheme who had all written or emailed letters of objection had not received back the legally required notification that the Inquiry was to take place. As well as being a legal requirement, notification of an inquiry is part of the FODDC’s... Read More

Gloucester, Gloucestershire

In May 2011 Tesco announced plans to demolish its existing St Oswald's Retail Park store and create a new one three times the size. Tesco will use the land on the current site as a car park, with 900 spaces available. Opponents of the plans, including Gloucester Federation of Small Businesses, demanded transparency over a land deal which could bring in millions for Gloucester City Council.... Read More

Grange, Gloucester

Campaigners in Grange collected more than 1,000 signatures against proposals for a new store, to be built on the 340sq metre site of the former Witcombe Service Station on Grange Road.

Plans were submitted in April 2012 but residents say the new store is unnecessary and will increase the traffic flowing through the housing estate.

In September Gloucester City Council Planning... Read More