Campaigning to curb supermarket power



Hadfield, Derbyshire

Continuing problems caused by the construction of the Tesco Express on Station Road in Hadfield have been highlighted by the local MP.

The Hadfield Against Tesco campaign group campaigned against the plans prior to the store being approved and continues to monitor the store.

Heanor, Derbyshire

In March 2010 Amber Valley Borough Council granted Tesco permission to extend its Heanor store by almost half (10,900 sq ft).  Traders were opposed to the plans and there were fears that a larger store selling more products may take business away from smaller local traders, especially as the larger store will sell more non-food items such as clothes and electrical goods.

Matlock, Derbyshire

Sainsbury's opened a store in Matlock in October 2007and in 2011 it announced plans to double the size - an increase in existing sales area of 13,480 sq ft (1,250 sq m). Shopkeepers in the Matlock town centre were concerned about the impact a bigger store would have on existing businesses.