Campaigning to curb supermarket power



Tesco had 126 stores in Slovakia in April 2012 .

Slovakia is now home to Tesco's international clothing division, providing non-food stock to all the supermarket's central European stores. Tesco says it sees Slovakia as one of its strongest positions. Sales rose 6% last year but underlying sales fell 1%. The country is facing serious economic difficulties and is a small market (ref: The Guardian, 13th April 2013).

A level of hostility exists amongst the Slovak government towards the large foreign food retail companies operating in Slovakia, including Tesco. In May 2006 the Slovak government launched criminal proceedings against Tesco over out-of-date meat products found at a number of its stores the previous year (read more). In January 2007 the Slovak competition authorities blocked the takeover by Tesco of 4 stores owned by Carrefour, proposed as part of a swap between Carrefour stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and Tesco stores in Taiwan (Read more).