Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Worksop, Nottinghamshire

In Worksop, developers were working on a controversial double application which would see Tesco relocate to a new site, and a new leisure complex built for the town with Tesco money. The applications were originally tied to one another. Bassetlaw District Council then decided in July 2008 to separate the applications. Residents of Worksop were concerned that the Tesco superstore would be built, but that the leisure complex will not go ahead.

More than 100 residents turned out to a public meeting to discuss Tesco's extension proposals. Residents were particularly concerned about highways issues.

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Nottinghamshire GB

Campaign Updates
Worksop, Nottinghamshire

15 April 2015
Site of planned Tesco store now up for sale

The site of what was set to be a new Tesco could now be developed for retail, residential or leisure uses or for a discount foodstore. Reesdenton Chartered Surveyors are advertising the land at the junction of Carlton Road and Blyth Road for sale on behalf of Tesco.

11 April 2014
Tesco to reinstate footpath

Tesco will put back a footpath which used to run across its Carlton Road development site, while the Government decides the fate of its long running supermarket plan.

14 November 2013
Wranglings over footpaths delay store

The Secretary of State could be called in to adjudicate over a planning decision about Worksop’s proposed Tesco store.  Wranglings over several footpaths which currently cross the derelict land are holding up the process. A member of the public has successfully applied to Notts County Council to get the routes formalised and recorded on the county’s definitive rights of way map. However, Tesco has applied to Bassetlaw Council for a footpath diversion order, to re-route the paths around the front of the store.

5 September 2011
Tesco grantedplanning permissoin

For a new superstore and car park on the corner of Carlton Road and Blyth Road.

1 April 2011
Tesco plans approved
22 February 2011
Appeal dismissed

The developers appealed against the decision but the Secretary of State announced the appeal for the site has been dismissed following a seven-day enquiry in 2010.

30 December 2009
Asda plans refused

Councillors refused permission for "Vesuvius plan" - which included an Asda supermarket, a hotel, a new sports ground, a petrol station.

1 July 2009
Tesco submits plans for extension

To increase the size of the Clinton Maltings store by a third – from 45,000 square feet to 60,000 square feet