Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Woodston, Peterborough

A campaign has been launched against plans from Tesco to open a shop in a former pub, The Boro Bar, in Oundle Road, Woodston.

Residents are worried about the impact it would have on the area’s traffic levels and independent traders and have launched a petition against the plans.

Tesco recently withdrew an application to amend access at the site. A spokesman for the firm said it and council officers had concluded the existing access would be suitable for the shop. 

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Campaign Updates
Woodston, Peterborough

12 March 2014
Work has started on Express store

But residents still hope they can block a bid by Tesco to sell alcohol at the new store. in the Woodston area of Peterborough are under way. Local residents claim the store will increase traffic posing a risk to school children at the nearby Brewster Avenue Infant School and force local shopkeepers out of business. They have also cited fears that if the store is granted a licence to sell alcohol that this will encourage street drinkers to gather in the graveyard of St Augustine church, next to the building.