Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Wolverhampton, West Midlands

In January 2013 an inquiry, chaired by the Department of Transport, started and will determine whether Tesco can finally build a 97,000 sq ft store on the site of the former Royal Hospital.  The development has been in the pipeline for more than a decade but has been hit by a series of delays and wrangles, including a long-running battle with Sainsbury’s.

Banga Buses has submitted an objection to the plans on the basis that closing Sutherland Place in All Saints – as Tesco proposes – would lead to lengthy detours for its buses. The company’s objection triggered the inquiry.

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Campaign Updates
Wolverhampton, West Midlands

16 November 2017
Aldi store approved
8 August 2017
Aldi to submit planning application

The land, sandwiched between the Royal Mail depot in Sun Street and flats in Broad Gauge Way, was intended to be part of a major regeneration project which included the Premier Inn, The Bluebrick pub and Grand Station conference centre. When those plans were approved in 2006 the site was earmarked for a 23,000sq ft car showroom, but that part of the scheme never go off the ground and the site has remained derelict. Now plans have emerged for an Aldi supermarket and will be approved or refused by Wolverhampton council in the coming weeks.


1 April 2015
Tesco puts site up for sale
1 December 2014
Plans now in doubt
22 August 2014
Tesco confirms plans and store will open in 2016
18 February 2013
Tesco wins at inquiry

Tesco won its long-running battle to build a  superstore. The Inquiry rejected Banga Buses argments and concluded that shutting Sutherland Place to make way for the 97,000 sq ft store was necessary to implement the original planning permission.