Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Witney, Oxfordshire

Local people in Witney were angry when Tesco took over two local 'One Stop' convenience stores, and then said it would close the post offices which had been operating in the shops in Cogges and Fettiplace Road.

The campaign called a public meeting so that local people could voice their views, and peoples argued the post office closures would leave 10,000 people in Witney without a local post office. Many pensioners depend on the post office to withdraw money, and pay utility bills and council tax. It is too far to walk to the main post office for many elderly and disabled people. Local campaigners, including pensioners and wheelchair users, took their campaign to Tesco's HQ in Hertfordshire and to Tesco's AGM, where they put searching questions to Tesco's CEO.

The fight continued with more demonstrations, but eventually Tesco closed the stores in 2004, with a promise from them and the Council that at least one of the Post Offices would reopen elsewhere, but that promise has been dropped.

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Witney, Oxfordshire

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