Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Wallasey, Wirral

A planning application has been submitted for the construction of a new convenience retail store with access and car parking with ‘associated works’ on the vacant land where Classic Cars of Wirral Ltd (next to the Farmer’s Arms) use to be situated in Wallasey Village.

A previous application for a proposed Tesco store on the site was recently refused on the basis that it was an ‘alien feature’.  

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Campaign Updates
Wallasey, Wirral

18 February 2015
Tesco plans rejected for third time

Tesco has seen a third bid to build a new supermarket in Wallasey village fail after it was again been rejected by council planners who ruled that it would result in “an unneighbourly and unacceptable form of development in that it would lead to an overbearing impact to adjoining dwellings”, as well as unacceptable noise and disturbance.

22 November 2014
Developers submit revised plans

A new application has been submitted for the site by Alfa Trustees and documents accompanying the new revised scheme say it has been “substantially redesigned” in response to the planning appeal.

19 February 2014
Tesco appeal dismissed

The retailer’s appeal was dismissed by the Planning Inspectorate on grounds of “the effect of the proposed development on the living conditions of neighbouring residents, with regard to outlook, overshadowing, noise and disturbance; and, whether adequate off-street parking and servicing provision would be made having regard to the living conditions of neighbouring residents.”

23 August 2013
Plans rejected

Despite council officers recommending that the plans be given the go-ahead, Councillors voted to reject the proposals. Reasons for refusal included the proximity of the site to neighbouring properties and the traffic problems.

15 August 2013
Planners recommend approval
26 July 2013
Decision on plans delayed

Wirral's planning committee postponed their decision in order to hold a site visit.