Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Streatham, London

In March 2010 Tesco formerly agreed with Lambeth Council to provide the same leisure, housing and supermarket development as part of the Streatham Hub development as originally promised. Tesco plans to deliver it by December 2012. However, a change to the delivery of the project means the entire site will be knocked down at the same time, meaning the Streatham Ice Arena will be levelled before a new rink is built. Tesco has said it has not broken a promise of "continuity of ice provision" in the area, as a "high quality" temporary ice rink will be built in its place.

The Save Skating in Streatham group was formed out of concerned local residents, ice rink users, as well as businesses and politicians, who are angry at what they view as an blatant ignoring of the Section 106 agreement, signed off by all parties, which is meant to see a new ice rink built on the site before the old one is demolished, and before the supermarket itself is built.

They believe Tesco, aided by Lambeth Council, are flying in the face of former Mayor Ken Livingstone’s insistences that the site be developed in the agreed manner. Save Skating in Streatham are insisting that there is no basis on which the plans for a temporary rink conform with the S106 agreement, and are mounting vigorous opposition to the plans. The group can be found on Facebook. For more information please see an article at This is Local London, 29th September 2010.

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Campaign Updates
Streatham, London

21 June 2011
Planning amendments granted

Amendments to the planning application were approved despite concerns about lack of consultation from local groups. Please see an article in the Streatham  Guardian, 21st June 2011.

2 February 2011
Associated application granted

Lambeth Council's planning committee approved the new agreement to demolish the ice-rink and establish a temporary rink in Brixton to speed up construction.

22 October 2010
Application granted

Tesco's application to extend the size of the Streatham Hub store by more than 50 per cent was approved in controversial circumstances. Part of Lambeth Council’s planning committee said the application should not have gone ahead because of a “cock-up” in consulting the public over the development. Please see an article at, 22nd October 2010.

22 July 2010
Application submitted

Tesco submitted a planning application to increase the superstore it is building as part of the Streatham Hub project by some 50 per cent. The mezzanine floor it wants to add to the supermarket will expand its retail floorspace from 40,000 to 60,000sq ft. Please see an article in the Streatham Guardian, 22nd July 2010 and "Shopowners fear for future as Streatham Hub set to expand", 9th September 2010.