Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Storrington, West Sussex

In October 2011 a campaign group Save our Storrington was established to oppose plans by Waitrose.

Tesco took over a former Somerfield/Co-op in Storrington in March 2010. Campaigners were concerned about traffic issues -Storrington is on a busy cross-county road, the A283, that links with the B2139 and is regularly used by H and L GVs to cut through from the A27 to the SW to the A24 to the W. The village has been designated an AQMA (Air Quality Management Area) and reports on traffic and air pollution are pending. Various pinchpoints have been the site of HGVs becoming stuck or mounting the very narrow pavements to circumnavigate mini-roundabouts.

Waitrose submitted plans in November 2011. This was not met with universal approval, owing to the fact that Storrington has a population of around 5,000 and with its sister parish, Sullington, around 7,000. Worthing, for example, whose current Waitrose is only slightly larger than the one planned for Storrington village, has a population of around 104,000.

By February 2012 we had gathered 1,300 signatures on a petition to West Sussex Council urging radical action to counter any potential increase in traffic and air pollution (ie no commercial or residential development that would in any way exacerbate this) and reforms to improve the current situation. We collected almost 1,000 signatures to a petition against the Waitrose plans (DC/11/2334) to Horsham District Council.

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Campaign Updates
Storrington, West Sussex

18 December 2012
Plans approved
3 September 2012
Waitrose submits new plans
24 November 2011
Waitrose submit plans

For a store almost three times the size of its current one.