Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Stoke Newington, Hackney

Sainsbury's wants to build a 24,000 sq ft store in Wilmer Place at 195-201 Stoke Newington High Street. The plans also include a 94 space car-park. However, residents and traders say the plans to build a Sainsbury’s larger than the grocer’s current premises a short bus ride up the road in Stamford Hill could force small grocery stores out of business.


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Campaign Updates
Stoke Newington, Hackney

6 May 2015
Sainsbury's confirmed it is no longer involved in the scheme
1 May 2015
Legal process ends - store to be built

Local campaigners have conceded defeat in the battle to stop the mixed-use development at Wilmer Place after being told their High Court appeal was unlikely to succeed. However despite the development now being likely to go ahead one of the potential anchor tenants, Sainsbury’s, has had its name taken off the lease for the development. In a statement campaigners StokeyLocal said: “The Chancellor of the High Court, Sir Terence Etherton, decided the StokeyLocal campaign’s appeal against a previous High Court judgement would be unlikely to succeed. So the legal process ends here. But even though the campaign lost this specific battle, their continued tenacity and vigilance could still win the war.”

10 November 2014
Campaigners taking fight to Court of Appeal

Campaigners have announced they will be taking their fight against the development of a Sainsbury’s supermarket to a Court of Appeal.

27 October 2014
Campaigners lose judicial review

Campaigners from Stokey Local are “hugely disappointed” after losing a key battle in their ongoing fight to quash plans for a Sainsbury’s store. Following a three-day hearing, high court judge Mrs Justice Patterson dismissed the claims of the pressure group on all grounds.  Developers Newmark Properties can now start the building of a five storey development, containing a supermarket and 53 homes.

14 October 2014
Judicial Review takes place

The main Judicial Review hearing for the Wilmer Place/Sainsbury’s Development is listed for 14-16 October 2014. 

20 March 2014
Campaign group call for second judicial review

The first judicial review is set to be heard at the High Court in May and Stokey Local are asking for their second review, which will seek to expose further perceived procedural errors in the application process, to be heard alongside their initial review.

11 December 2013
Councillors vote in favour of Newmark Properties' application

Councillors on the planning-subcommittee voted four to one in favour of developer Newmark Properties’ application. The subcommittee had already approved an earlier, identical application, which is currently the subject of a judicial review being brought by group Stokey Local.


2 December 2013
Plans will be heard by Council for third time
6 September 2013
Campaign group to launch judicial review

Campaign group Stokey Local is seeking to raise £5,000 in 20 days in order to fund the judicial review bid. Legal papers must be served before 18 September.

25 July 2013
Plans approved
17 February 2013
Revised plans submitted

New plans for the supermarket have been submitted