Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Sheffield, Walkley

In September 2007 Tesco's plans for a new single-storey convenience store in Walkley were refused by Sheffield Council West and North Planning and Highways Area Board. The reasons for refusal included a likely increase in on-street parking that could put the safety of road users at risk and that the proposed design of the store was unsatisfactory and would be out of keeping with the area. More than 1,000 residents signed a petition saying there was no need for another shop.





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Campaign Updates
Sheffield, Walkley

28 June 2010
Appeal rejected

The main grounds for the decision were road safety, parking concerns and lack of any need for such a store. Planning Inspector Wildsmith also made reference to the effect on the local economy of a further chain store being sited in the Walkley Commonside area. Please read the appeal decision.

13 May 2010
Public Inquiry starts
1 March 2009
New application refused and appealed

The application was again refused, however Tesco appealed against the decision.