Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Sedgley, Dudley

Marston's-owned The Seven Stars on Gospel End Road, Sedgley, will be turned into a Morrisons supermarket under the plans.

Over 1,500 people signed a petition opposing the plans.

Some of the key concerns raised by objectors to the planning proposal include losing a pub that is still popular within the community and the effect a new supermarket would have on local businesses.


Dudley (West Midlands district)
United Kingdom
52° 32' 36.9744" N, 2° 7' 23.3328" W
Dudley (West Midlands district) GB

Campaign Updates
Sedgley, Dudley

17 September 2015
Morrisons withdraw application
28 July 2015
Appeal upheld

meaning supermarket plans can go ahead

16 February 2015
Developers appeal decision
22 December 2014
Plans refused
17 December 2014
Planning officers recommend approval