Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Sale Moor, Trafford

Residents and traders in Sale Moor are concerned that three units in the village could be converted into a supermarket. Major worries are the impact on trade, road safety, traffic congestion and parking.

In September 2012 plans for a new Tesco Express next door to the existing Norris Road Food Store on the site of the Piper pub, on Norris Road, which closed six years ago, were announced. Local residents and shop owners are furious that Tesco is intending to apply for 8am–11pm alcohol license.  In October the planning committee rejected the three applications for retail use for a restaurant and three upstairs flats on Northenden Road on the grounds that they failed an assessment known as the 'sequential test' - meaning there is a more appropriate, vacant property available for such a development in the area.

The planning department received 92 letters of objection to the scheme and a petition of 747 signatures. The objectors said it would hit trade at the other shops in the centre, and would have a major impact on road safety, traffic congestion and parking. 

However in November Tesco was granted a late alcohol license.

At a Trafford planning committee meeting on December 13th, Matthew Brooke, a town planner working on behalf of Tesco, said the supermarket was willing to reduce the hours in which it will sell alcohol to 7am-10pm and would also look into reducing the operational hours of the ATM machine to be in line with the store’s opening hours. The four applications put before the committee were regarding singage, lighting, air conditioning and the cash point machine, all of which were passed unanimously.

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Campaign Updates
Sale Moor, Trafford

15 July 2016
Supermarket plans approved
7 July 2016
Officers recommend approval
14 June 2016
New plans to be considered in July

Plans to build 1,140 sq. m store and two three-bedroom semi-detached houses seemed to be quashed last year after leader of the council Cllr Sean Anstee refused to sell the council-owned land - Warrener Street car park - to the developer. But now developer Kirkland Developments, says it has "responded to discussions with the local community and Trafford Council by making a number of major changes to the plans, including a more modern store design."

16 March 2016
New plans submitted
10 December 2015
Plans for foodstore have halted

After the leader of the council refused to sell the land to the developer. Trafford Council confirmed that Cllr Sean Anstee has rejected an offer from a developer to buy land in Sale Moor. The council confirmed the offer was from a developer who proposed to build a small supermarket on land incorporating Warrener Street car park.