Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Portwood, Stockport

In Stockport, Tesco built a large hypermarket they had billed as a ‘regeneration store’ 20% larger than they had been granted planning permission for by Stockport Council. The store, 120,000 square feet rather than 100,000 square feet as allowed by the council, opened and started trading in November 2004 at the larger size. Tesco first applied to the Council to allow them the extra space two months before the store’s opening, in September 2004, though the store had been in construction since January 2004. The Council had imposed the size limit for road safety and to protect other shops, and local residents and traders felt the extra space would be damaging to the town and were angry that Tesco could get away with this. The campaign was a response to events that had happened, urging the Council to take enforcement action against Tesco.


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Campaign Updates
Portwood, Stockport

Application granted

Following pressure from 200 local businesses as well as concerned residents, the Council insisted that Tesco reapply for full planning permission for the store. The Council stated that the store in its current state illegal, as it was not constructed in line with its planning permission. Since then Tesco have submitted a number of retrospective applications, the latest of which was rejected by Tame Valley Area Committee in September 2006 but approved by the full Planning Committee later the same month. The application approves the store as stands, with the additional retail space standing but unused. Campaigners wrote to the Secretary of State suggesting it be called-in because it departs from the Development Plan, but the Secretary of State decided not to.

For further information, contact local resident Sheila Oliver or local trader Steve Parfett.