Campaigning to curb supermarket power

North Berwick

PINBAT (People in North Berwick against Tesco) was launched in early 2006 to oppose a planning application in North Berwick by Tesco. The group organised a well-attended public meeting in North Berwick on February 2nd, 2006, and following this concentrated its efforts on getting the maximum possible number of formal objections submitted to East Lothian Council. 



East Lothian
United Kingdom
56° 3' 30.1068" N, 2° 43' 10.7256" W
East Lothian GB

Campaign Updates
North Berwick

3 October 2006
Application Granted

East Lothian Planning Committee approved the application at the 3rd October meeting. PINBAT then focused on asking the Scottish Executive to call in the application and on making submissions to the Local Plan Public Inquiry. In December 2006 Tesco submitted an application to have noise constraints on the proposal weakened. Construction of the store started in April 2007.

1 October 2006
Over 350 objections

335 obejctions were submitted including 155 individually drafted. PINBAT also made an input into the 'pre-inquiry changes' phase of the Council's 2005 Draft Local Plan. Support from campaigners at Portobello was of huge value in organising the public meeting and drafting objection letters. PINBAT organised lobbies at the site visit and Planning Committee Meeting of 3rd October 2006.