Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Newtown, Powys

Plans for a Tesco store in Newtown had been on hold since the end of 2006 when officials received a request to call in the application. The previous Tesco plans were with the Welsh Assembly for 18-months.

Local retailers and residents fear that the development could put a strain on Newtown's traffic system and on town centre businesses.


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Campaign Updates
Newtown, Powys

9 October 2012
Application approved

However, the application is still subject to a holding order from the Welsh Assembly, who will have to give it a final seal of approval.


1 December 2009
Legal action fails

Powys County Council is planning legal action to prevent Tesco opening before it has completed legally agreed road work. However, Tesco decided to delay its launch and opened the store in February 2010. A separate project for a grocery store in the town centre has not been backed by planning officers. Plans for this project involve building on a bowling green, which some people in Newtown have objected to. The Tesco store, including a petrol station, is planned for the livestock market.