Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Newcastle Upon Tyne


In Newcastle the NHS is selling the site of the General Hospital and Tesco and the University hope to take it over. Many residents feel that a new Tesco store is not needed, as there is already an Iceland, Netto, Tesco Metro and Morrisons within a mile or so of the proposed site. 

A campaign group Stop Fenham Tesco was set up to oppose the plans.

Residents were advised that if the new planning framework document is accepted as it is then there will be no grounds for appeal once Tesco submit a planning application. A public meeting focused on influencing the overall policy direction  in order to stop any major retail involvement.

A follow-up meeting in November 2007 allowed residents to voice their concerns about the plan for a Tesco mega store on the general Hospital site. Of the residents present nearly all of them were against the proposed Tesco development. Concerns raised included the effect on local business, traffic congestion and the loss of hospital facilities. Campaigners hope that the council's executive choose to remove the General Hospital site from the Action Plan, or limit the size and scope of the retail provision which may put off Tesco

Following new plans a community consultation was held in April 2010. 151 letters of objection were sent to the council, along with several petitions bearing 1,180 signatures.


Newcastle upon Tyne
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Campaign Updates
Newcastle Upon Tyne

14 October 2013
Plans refused

Newcastle City Council have now turned down the outline planning permission for the Newcastle General Hospital site. The plans, which include the development of a huge 24 hour Tesco superstore, were initially approved on 21 January 2011, but this was subject to a number of conditions set out in an "s106 agreement". Minutes of the council's planning committee meeting on 4 October 2013 state that since the application was approved "substantial efforts had been made by officers of Development Management and Legal Services to finalise the signing and execution of the s106 agreement, but without success."  The council have therefore decided to refuse the application.

21 January 2011
Outline plans approved

City council’s development control committee approve plans by 11 votes to 3.

1 July 2010
New Application submitted

One of the concerns planning officers raised over the previous application was the size of the Tesco store, which was 8,598sqm. This has been trimmed to 8,361sqm but protesters say this is still too big. In August an independent inspector removed a 2,450sqm upper limit for the size of the supermarket which had been imposed by the council.


28 February 2009
First Application refused

The Committee rejected the applications as they were considered to be fundamentally flawed and ill thought out in terms of timing, size and design. Councillors agreed with the planner’s recommendation that the proposal would negatively impact on the local environment, the heritage and character of the area, residents, shops and business in the West End of Newcastle.

1 July 2008
Outline planning application submitted