Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Mather Avenue, Liverpool

 We have been campaigning to stop Tesco in Mather Ave, Liverpool L18 from extending their store onto a children's hockey pitch for 2 years. There were two main applications in question, Scheme 2 & Scheme 4. Both were recommended for approval by the planning officer, but turned down by the Local Council. Tesco appealed against Scheme 2 and we attended a Public Inquiry against this in November 2005. However, we were surprised that the appellant (Tesco) and the barrister for the City Council had asked the Inspector on the first day of the Inquiry to consider both applications. This took us by surprise as we had not had sight of the papers for Scheme 4 and had thus not prepared any evidence. Disappointingly, to the vast majority of residents and small businesses who will be affected, the costs to challenge the decision were prohibitive.

Top tips:
1) Look out for Public Notices in your local paper or the London Gazette.
2) Notify relevant residents by leaflet drop making sure you give a date for responses to the Planning Department quoting the Ref. No.
3) Make sure you indicate on the leaflet that people ask the Planning Officer to notify them when this will be going to Planning Committee and to also ask them for an acknowledgement of their letter.
4) Hold a meeting and nominate a good speaker to speak on behalf of relevant people.
5) Ask for people to donate to a fighting fund and nominate a chairman, treasurer, secretary and press officer. Take names and addresses of people who would be prepared to deliver leaflets in the future.

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Campaign Updates
Mather Avenue, Liverpool

2 April 2013