Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Malton, North Yorkshire

In November 2010 more than 200 protesters marched through the streets of Malton in protest at moves to sell Wentworth Street car park so that a supermarket can be built on the site. Local shop-keepers, councilors and members of the public joined the march to show some opposition to the decision which they say will have a devastating effect on Malton town centre.


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Campaign Updates
Malton, North Yorkshire

20 February 2016
Selina Scott - How I beat the supermarket developers in Malton after a seven year fight

Read Selina Scott's article here

9 January 2016
Council looks set to abandon plans

Ryedale Council looks set to abandon its plan to turn a car park in Malton into a supermarket which has been dividing the town since 2007.The council’s leader said the authority had reviewed its position on the project in the light of the Government’s spending plans and the implications for local Government funding.

12 July 2015
High court quashes decision to grant planning permission

A High Court judge quashed a decision to grant planning permission. Mr Justice Dove overruled Ryedale District Council's move to give developers GMI Holbeck Land the go-ahead to build the store in Wentworth Street car park, in Malton, North Yorkshire. He said an officer's report to the council's planning committee had "misled members and misled them significantly".

1 April 2015
The Court of Appeal rules that an independent review on the decision to grant pp should take place

THE Court of Appeal has ruled that an independent review on the decision to grant planning permission for a supermarket on Wentworth Street car park, in Malton, should take place. It follows an approach by the Fitzwilliam Malton Estate after a review through the planning court was turned down earlier this year. The review will be heard in the High Court in Leeds and is expected to take place before the end of July.

21 January 2015
Developers continue to seek legal advice

The Fitzwilliam Malton Estate announced last month that it was continuing to seek legal action after calls for a Judicial Review on the decision to grant planning permission for the supermarket were rejected.

15 September 2014
Application not called-in by Secretary of State
24 April 2014
Councillors approve outline application
16 April 2014
Protestors hand in petition of 3,804 signatures
6 March 2014
Campaigners hold demonstration

Outside Ryedale District Council against plans to build a supermarket in Wentworth Street car park. A march through town is also planned at a later date.

20 February 2014
New campaign group set up
1 January 2014
Planning application submitted

A car park could still be developed into a new supermarket for Malton as a revised planning application has been submitted. The amended application for Wentworth Street car park, by developer GMI Holbeck Ltd, includes in its plans an enhanced walkway to Malton Market Place, three hours’ free parking and an area for public events.

10 December 2013
Developers draw up amended plans
8 October 2012
Planning Inspector approves plans

Following a five-day public inquiry government planning inspector, David Wildsmith, announced that the scheme can go ahead. This means the Council will now have to reconsider its decision to approve plans for a retail development on Wentworth car-park.

12 June 2012
Developers launch appeal

The Secretary of State, Mr. Eric Pickles, decided not to intervene in the decision by Ryedale District Council to grant permission for a new superstore. However, Fitzwilliam Estates appealed against the refusal to redevelop the livestock market for a retail scheme.

29 March 2012
Partial victory

More than 200 people packed the Milton Rooms for Ryedale District Council’s planning committee meeting on the retail developments.  The committee voted to approve plans. A rival application by the Fitzwilliam Estate to demolish and redevelop Malton livestock market for a retail scheme was turned down because there is currently no alternative site for the market. Please see an article in the Press, 30th March 2012.


2 January 2012
Decision passed onto central government

It was confirmed that both supermarket plans for Malton will have to go to the Secretary of State for Local Government, Eric Pickles, if Ryedale District Council wants to give either of them the go ahead. A special meeting is to be held by the council’s planning committee to consider the application for a supermarket in part of the council owned Wentworth Street car park, and the Fitzwilliam Estate’s scheme for a retail complex on the site of the livestock market, which would be relocated if it went ahead. 


1 September 2011
Application submitted

Developers, GMI Holbeck Land, submitted an application for a total of 4750 sq metres inc storage, offices, petrol station. For further information please see an article in the Yorkshire Post, 24th November 2011  and an article in the Daily Mail, 25th November 2011. The Telegraph reported that the Mayor of Malton, Jason Fitzgerald-Smith, has asked Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, to intervene before a decision is taken by the planning committee in November. Please also see an article in the Yorkshire Post, 7th October 2011. Campaigners later handed in a 2,000 signature petition to the offices of Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, in London.