Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Lyme Regis

In October 2008 residents and shopkeepers in Lyme Regis learnt that Tesco had purchased the Woolworths store in the town. On the 30th January 2009 the Bridport News reported that Tesco was continuing with the refurbishment despite it not having planning permission for the new shopfront and ATM. It did not need planning permission for change of use.

In the week of the 10th November Tesco submitted four planning applications for a replacement sign, new shopfront, installation of an ATM and air conditioning equipment. A town meeting to discuss the proposals was held on 24th November. For further information please also see an article in the Bridport News, 13th November 2008.

An article in the Bridport News, 23rd December 2008 reported that voting forms had been sent out to homes in the town but that the forms had fallen short of the full referendum campaigners had hoped for.

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Lyme Regis

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