Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Lydney, Forest of Dean

Tesco - Asda's main rival in Lydney - took its case to the Court of Appeal in another bid to quash the planning permission granted by Forest of Dean District Council in March 2014.

 Tesco maintain it will lose more than a third of its Lydney store's trade to a new Asda.The council's planning committee took the view that the harm to the town centre would be mitigated by the developer's commitment to contributing funds to regeneration, including £30,000 for a new market square and £210,000 for further town centre improvements.

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Campaign Updates
Lydney, Forest of Dean

9 January 2016
Asda could be set to open in Lyndey after the Supreme Court refused Tesco permission to appeal

After consideration the court ordered that permission to appeal be refused because the application by Tesco Stores Limited did not raise an arguable point of law.