Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Llangollen, Clwyd

A campaign group, Llangollen Community Against Supermarket Development at Mile End Mill, was set up in 2010 to oppose plans for a 1.68 hectare development for a Class A1 retail store and car park, approximately 1/2 mile from Llangollen. In January 2012 Denbighshire County Council received planning applications to develop a new retail foodstore on the Dobson and Crowther factory site at Berwyn Street, Llangollen, and to relocate the print works business in a new purpose built factory on land at Cilmedw, on the outskirts of the town.


United Kingdom
52° 58' 12.5256" N, 3° 10' 59.8404" W
Denbighshire GB

Campaign Updates
Llangollen, Clwyd

19 May 2015
Sainsbury's pulls out of development

But store will be completed and other businesses may move in.

8 January 2015
Sainsbury's confirms it is reviewing plans

Sainsbury’s has confirmed it is “reviewing” proposals for a number of new stores, including Llangollen.

1 October 2012
Resistance continues

The Town Council and other bodies are trying to get the site designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and it lies with the World Heritage Buffer Zone of Poncysllte Aqueduct. It is in a C2 flood plain and there are several protected species, including badgers, bats and newts. Llangollen Chamber of Trade and Tourism have said they will push for Llangollen to transfer from Denbighshire to Wrexham Borough if the supermarket gets the go ahead. 

3 September 2012
Permission granted

A prior development for a petrol station and convenience store was granted in the Town centre and will be approximately the same size as the existing Somerfield store in Llangollen. Llangollen also supports a Spar, two bakeries, two butchers, two delicatessens and many other independent retailers.


1 March 2012
Sainsbury's announce store plans

Sainsbury's is planning to open a 20000 sq ft store as part of the development. In June a public consultation was held.  The authority asked the agent for the developer to address a number of concerns, including roads safety and landscaping.