Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Keyworth, Nottinghamshire

In 2010 a campaign action group "No Tesco in Keyworth" was set up to oppose plans for a new Tesco store. The group collected a petition of 2,000 signatures from people opposed to the store which will be larger than an Express store but smaller than a superstore and will have 70 car parking spaces.The site is an empty brownfield site, which was previously a garage.

Tesco confirmed that the landowner has agreed to sell Tesco the land. 


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Nottinghamshire GB

Campaign Updates
Keyworth, Nottinghamshire

1 September 2011
Appeal dismissed

Tesco appealed the decision and a Public Inquiry into the Council's decision to refuse planning permission was held in July 2011. In September 2011, the Inspector dismissed Tesco's appeal. Please read the decision notice here.

1 November 2010
Application refused

Rushcliffe Borough Council refused the application in November because the building, "a plate-glass monstrosity", would have been out of keeping with its surroundings; there would have been serious problems with pedestrian safety, traffic congestion and parking at the store and in nearby streets and local shops would have suffered a devastating blow to their businesses.