Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Kempston, Bedfordshire

Residents have said concerns over proposals to build a Lidl store are being 'swept under the carpet' by planning officers. An application for a 2,760 square foot Lidl supermarket in Ridge Road, Kempston  will be decided in October 2016.

"The council has received hundreds of objections to the plans. But the planning officers have recommended the application is approved. A massive Lidl is not really on the same scale as a little retail outlet - what about the pollution and traffic it's going to cause, for one thing?"


United Kingdom
Bedfordshire GB

Campaign Updates
Kempston, Bedfordshire

13 October 2016
Councillors defer decision

Councillors went against their officers’ advice that the controversial planning application should be granted. Instead they adjourned the matter, at the request of protesting residents, so they could visit the site for themselves. The final decision will now be made in November.