Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Hereford, Herefordshire

HASSLE (Hereford Against Supermarkets Squashing our Local Economy) is a cross-party coalition of local groups, businesses and individuals opposed to further expansion of supermarkets in Hereford.

The campaign aims:

To educate the public as to environmental and economic effects of supermarkets on the local economy, highlighting practical ways in which shoppers can reduce their supermarket dependence and increasingly support their local community instead.

To oppose plans for the development of a further or relocated supermarket on the Edgar Street Grid and stimulate debate about more innovative and relevant ideas for this area of town, which will compliment rather than compete with the historic city centre, and provide a solution that will last for many years.

We understand that the original Master Plan envisaged a large Tesco's more than double the size of the new ASDA and are encouraged that this appears not to be an option in the revised plans. We hope to see more affordable housing, innovative eco-development, socially useful facilities and excellent pedestrian and cycle links, and are encouraged to see that these options are now on the table. We are also hopeful that it is now realised that another supermarket it not only unneeded but would finally kill off our city centre. ESG Herefordshire say on their website that the plan for the grid must take into account the effect on the existing retail area and we welcome this. We also welcome alternatives to a supermarket that would begin to address the problem that 71 percent of Hereford's non-grocery shopping goes elsewhere.

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Hereford, Herefordshire

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