Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Hattersley, Tameside

Tesco planned a 90,000 sq ft Tesco Extra store and district centre to be built on derelict land off Stockport Road and Ashworth Lane, known locally as the 'Mottram Roundabout' site. The project was part of a masterplan for regenerating the area. In August 2010 Government architecture watchdog CABE delivered a damning review of plans for the Tesco store. CABE's report criticised the plans for “prioritising the supermarket above anything else" and added that the "supermarket had been placed in the furthest possible location from the town centre – thus favouring residents with cars".


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Campaign Updates
Hattersley, Tameside

6 November 2013
Tesco's re-appliation for 24 hour deliveries is approved

Despite 350 objections from the community, mostly from residents near the store. 

1 February 2013
License refused

Tameside Council refused Tesco the 24-Hour delivery license after objections from 200 locals. Campaigners are aware of  rumours that Tesco wants to close the store and was applying for the licence with a view to either trying to sell the site or converting it into a distribution centre for its other stores. It seems Tameside Council were very concerned that there could indeed be some truth to these rumours, because even though Tesco have denied them all and tried to make out they were applying for the license to enable them to share deliveries with its other local stores, Council officers have warned Tesco that any change of use of the site will "need planning permission and be subject to a full and separate assessment".

1 September 2010
Application approved

Tameside Council approved plans for the store.  In November the Government Office for the North West confirmed that the Secretary of State will not call in the scheme which means the scheme's partners, Tesco, Peak Valley Housing Association,Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council and developer CTP can now begin working on the project.