Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Halesworth, Suffolk

Tesco has bought two sites in the small market town of Halesworth in North Suffolk which has a high street of wonderful independent shops and a weekly market. Halesworth already has a sizeable Co-op and Tesco are proposing building a supermarket twice its size on a site right next to it on the edge of town.

The Town Council organised two public meetings, with over 200 people attending each meeting. Doubt has been expressed on Tesco's claim that a majority of people in the town supported the plan for a new store. In addition, a number of other criticisms have been levelled at Tesco's plans.

In their 2004 plan for Halesworth, Waveney District Council designated the site on which Tesco would like to have their new store for 58 new houses. There is a need for low cost housing especially for people without cars who need to be close to the centre of the town. There is a need to develop this site carefully since it is so close to a conservation area and, being on higher ground, is highly conspicuous There is no need for an extra retail outlet next to the Cooperative food store. Residents are concerned that an extra store would damage the existing independent shops in the centre of the town and many would close; the consequences for many other surrounding farms and businesses would be serious. An extra store would also add to the traffic and noise pollution in the town and lead to substantial increases in traffic on the narrow and twisty access roads to the town from the west and the south. Run-off of rainwater from a large building and car park serving the store would increase the flood risk in a town already prone to floods.


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Campaign Updates
Halesworth, Suffolk

17 January 2015
Tesco put up two plots of land for sale

Tesco have put two plots of land up for sale in Halesworth, one for a retail development in the Thoroughfare, and one for housing in Saxons Way.

22 July 2010
Inspector refuses appeal

The appeal hearing was held in May 2010. On 22nd July the Inspector issued his decision to dismiss the appeal and refuse permission for the store. Read the Appeal Decision here.

1 March 2010
Application refused

Tesco and Co-op applications for Halesworth would both have been refused by councillors. The two applications were discussed at the district council's development control committee meeting on March 17 and Councillors refused both applications. The final decision will be made by the Planning Inspectorate.

1 January 2010
Tesco and Co-op appeal

Tesco and the Co-op both lodged appeals against Waveney District Council because it has failed to make a decision on their applications months after both applications were submitted. However, the Co-op subsequently withdrew its appeal and submitted new plans to Waveney District Council.

18 May 2009
Application submitted

Tesco submitted an application for a 20,000 sq ft store. In December 2009 the Co-op re-submitted plans to increase the size of its store by a third (718sqm).

7 November 2008
Application revised

Following a public exhibition Tesco revised its plans and reduced the height of the store by 1.2m to bring it in line with the existing Co-op store.