Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Haddington, East Lothian

Tesco submitted plans to East Lothian Council for a new 50,000 sq ft store and 24-hour petrol station at Gateside East, on the outskirts of Haddington in 2009. Local shopkeepers and residents are concerned that by closing the smaller Tesco in the town centre and building a bigger store on the edge of town will leave it like a "ghost town".  In December 2009 campaigners gathered hundreds of signatures against the Tesco move to the outskirts of town.

Following the rejection of Tesco's plans and the approval of Sainsbury's traders insisted Sainsbury's should pay £500,000 to save the town centre for example, to fund shop front repairs and renewals, a Haddington development worker or similar, and a development trust for Haddington was set up.

East Lothian
United Kingdom
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Campaign Updates
Haddington, East Lothian

28 February 2012
Application refused

planning application by Sainsbury's, and two by Tesco for two different sites were considered by East Lothian Council's full council on 28th February 2012. Councillors voted unanimously in favour of an outline planning application for a 3,700 square metre Sainsbury's supermarket and petrol station. They unanimously rejected two plans by Tesco to build an 8,108 sq metre supermarket at Gateside East and redevelop its current town centre site for mixed retail, residential and commercial use.


1 August 2011
Sainsbury's submits revised plans

For a smaller proposed store - reduced from 4,981 square metres gross to 3,700 sq. m gross (39,828 sq. ft), which is in line with the council's recommendation in the Haddington Retail Review.