Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Gorseinon, Swansea

Swansea council negotiated for a deal, worth £11 m, to lease council land to Asda, replacing earlier plans for a bowling and leisure pavilion on the site. Asda then submitted a planning application. However, traders and shoppers say that the Asda store is not needed, and the Chamber of Trade campaigned against the plans. A petition of 5,200 names opposing the development was submitted to the council. In June 2007 a group of specialist consultants commissioned by Swansea Council to write a report on the plans backed campaigners and recommended that the council refuse plans for the new store. They warned the store could affect the health and well-being of the town. 

 5000 people signed a petition, and members of the Town Council came out in opposition due to the impact on local businesses. 

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Campaign Updates
Gorseinon, Swansea

28 April 2010
Asda had to put in a separate planning application for 34 signs around the site.
20 August 2009
ASDA Returns and plans approved

In 2009 Asda submitted an application to build a £25 million store in Gorseinon, saying that it has reviewed the inspector's report and believes it now has a proposal that addresses the concerns raised about the earlier application. The plans were approved by the planning committee on 20th August.   

12 July 2007
Plans refused by Council and Planning Inspectorate

Swansea Councillors turned down the application for a 50,000 sq ft Asda store because of fears about the negative impact on existing retailers. Following an appeal by Asda, the Planning Inspector also refused permission.