Campaigning to curb supermarket power

East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire

Since 2010 Ediston Opportunity Fund have lodged numerous planning applications with South Lanarkshire Council to demolish Atholl House, the last headquarters of East Kilbride Development Corporation, and build a supermarket.

East Kilbride History Society, was one of those who gave evidence at the appeal and has welcomed the Reporters’ decision.

South Lanarkshire
United Kingdom
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Campaign Updates
East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire

19 July 2017
Proposals submitted by Lidl to build a new store on the site of Atholl House
7 January 2016
Retail hub planned on old Tesco site

Property developer London and Scotttish Investments are proposing to build a major new retail and residential development at the vacant Peel Park site where Tesco scrapped plans for a long-promised store.

15 January 2015
Tesco abandons plans for store at Peel Park

Tesco's plan for a joint supermarket and Dobbies garden centre was among eight new developments in Scotland. In June 2013, the detailed plans for the Peel Park joint Tesco supermarket and Dobbies garden centre were given the green light by planners. 

5 August 2014
Appeal rejected by Scottish Government

The main issues cited by the Reporters for consideration were the effect of the development on the character and amenity of the area, whether there is sufficient retail capacity to support the proposals and the impact on the town centre and other nearby shops. Also considered was the effect on traffic and parking issues and whether the development was in accordance with the council’s local plan. In their conclusions, the Reporters stated the plans would conflict with the local plan for the area or the council’s town centre first policy.

3 March 2014
Public Inquiry held