Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Charlton Kings, Gloucester

Speculation that a supermarket chain could open a Cheltenham branch on the site of a car wash has been met with fighting talk from residents and traders. Neighbours along Cirencester Road, in Charlton Kings, say they have all the shops they need along their stretch of the road, near Croft Road and have vowed to oppose plans to redevelop the site as a ‘mini’ supermarket by a big name store. Residents are concerned that a store could add to traffic congestion and drive thriving local shops out of business.

A campaign group Say NO to TESCO in Charlton Kings has been set up.

Construction and development specialist company Countytocount is considering plans for a mixed-use development and is in discussion with Cheltenham Borough Council. Cheltenham Borough Council confirmed it had received a pre-application for the site.

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Campaign Updates
Charlton Kings, Gloucester

23 October 2014
Councillors approve plans
21 August 2014
Plans re-submitted

Councillors on the authority’s planning committee went against the advice of experts when they said no to the scheme on the grounds it would have a negative impact on other businesses, its design wasn’t in-keeping with the surroundings and that the store would cause noise issues.


18 July 2014
Plans refused
17 July 2014
Decision due
21 June 2014
Decision deferred

A decision on whether to allow the construction of a small-scale supermarket on the site of a former garage in Cheltenham has been deferred because planning officers decided they need more information about the visibility of HVGs and delivery vehicles entering and leaving the site.


22 November 2013
A petition containing over 400 signatures opposing the plans