Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Cardiff, City Road

In 2007 residents and shopkeepers of City Rd, Cardiff launched a campaign to oppose plans for a new Tesco store on the road. The site for the proposed store is only a 3-4 minute stroll away from another Tesco in Albany Road and 8-10 minutes from another Tesco store in Salisbury Road.


United Kingdom
51° 29' 23.3268" N, 3° 10' 10.7076" W
Cardiff GB

Campaign Updates
Cardiff, City Road

8 June 2007
Alcohol license granted

Cardiff Council Licensing Department granted Tesco a License. Campaigners did manage to get two very small concessions - that deliveries would be at a reasonable time of day and not very early in the morning and that alcohol sales would not start until 8.00 P.M.