Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Caernarfon, Gwynedd

A campaign was launched in Caernarfon to oppose a planning application by Tesco to build a new 69, 063 sq/ft A1 Superstore/Petrol Filling Station and Carwash on the out of town land on Llanberis Road.  This is to replace the existing smaller store they already have near to the town.  This new store will dominate the area and campaigners are concerned that local businesses will suffer. The land in question is marked on the Gwynedd Council Unitary Development Plan for affordable housing and therefore these proposed plans are contrary to this. 

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Campaign Updates
Caernarfon, Gwynedd

13 September 2013
Tesco to shelve store plans

Tesco is refurbishing its current store leading to further speculation it is shelving it's plans for a new store.

2 January 2012
Tesco plans on hold

Plans for Tesco superstore in Caernarfon have been put “on hold”. Tesco has withdrawn their application for the new Llanberis Road superstore on a total of three separate occasions.

3 November 2009
Tesco withdraws plans

The Planning meeting to consider the proposal was scheduled for 4th November, 2009 but Tesco withdrew its application the day before -the third time since June. 

3 September 2009
Planning officers recommend refusal

Their report said "little weight" should be attached to Tesco’s claim that the development will create 275 jobs in total, which includes the 140 staff it already employs in the town. It also says a new store would have an "unacceptable" impact on the town centre which already has higher than average vacancy levels and that the size of the planned store was "totally inappropriate" for Caernarfon and the catchment area it serves, especially taking into account its closeness to Bangor which already has a similar sized Tesco. It went on to say the scheme would have a "serious negative impact on the viability and vitality of Caernarfon" and detract from the appeal to tourists of a World Heritage site.