Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Burgess Hill, West Sussex

Tesco plans to expand its store by 50% mainly to the right of the building with parking spaces being built on the piece of wasteland that splits the store from a housing estate.

On 25th October Burgess Hill Town Council considered the planning application and were provided with a report by an independent planning consultant which confirmed a belief that the expansion of Tesco would take more business away from the town centre. The town’s economic strategy is very strongly based on regenerating the town centre and understandably the committee was very concerned that, in the present economic climate, an expanded Tesco could prove very damaging to the viability of the town centre shops. The Planning Committee has therefore recommended refusal of the application.

West Sussex
United Kingdom
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Campaign Updates
Burgess Hill, West Sussex

9 June 2016
Decision due on 16th June