Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Belfast, Loughside

The residents of the Shore Rd area of north Belfast have been battling Belfast city council and Asda for a number of years over their plans for a supermarket and retail units on a large expanse of playing fields and open green space. The council also intend to level an adjoining park to replace the open space with three fenced off pitches.

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Campaign Updates
Belfast, Loughside

3 December 2012
Developers confirm not going to appeal

The applicants for the Loughside Development i.e. Belfast City Council and Bayshore Developments are not going to appeal the decision by the N.I. Environment Minister to reject their planning application.

1 October 2012
Asda withdraws plans

Asda announced it was pulling out of Loughside Development Plans, citing economic conditions and delay in planning decision as the reasons for its withdrawal.

1 May 2012
1600 Objection letters sent

1,600 objection letters have been submitted. The Green Party submitted written questions to Minister of Environment at Stormont Assembly.