Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Ballycastle, Antrim

Tesco has been trying to open a store in Ballycastle since 2005 when it first submitted an application for a store on Leyland road.

In 2007 Tesco appealed following planning refusal but later withdrew its appeal following a concerted campaign by traders in the town. Please see an article in the Guardian, 7th October 2007.

In 2009 new plans were submitted. A petition opposing the development was signed by over 3,000 people. Planning service said the retail and residential plan for the site would have an "adverse impact" on Ballycastle town centre.

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Campaign Updates
Ballycastle, Antrim

5 March 2014
Planning Appeals commission dismisses Tesco application

The Planning Appeals Commission (PAC) has said that Tesco has caused "significant loss of investment" to a County Antrim town by pursuing a development plan. The PAC also ruled that Tesco had approached the consideration of an alternative site in the town centre in "a negative manner".

1 June 2011
Application refused

Application was recommended for refusal by the Planning Service.

1 May 2009
Tesco submit new application

Tesco submit a planning application to build a supermarket on the Leyland Road for a 15,000 sq ft store and 133 car parking spaces. The proposed store is half the size of previous applications.

1 January 2009
Revised application submitted

A revised application for a 15,000 sq ft store in the Leyland Road area of the town was submitted to Planning Service