Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Ballards Lane, Finchley

Tesco applied to build an Express convenience store on Ballards Lane in Finchley, less than a mile from another of its stores. Traders, concerned at the potential impact of the store, campaigned against it. In what has been described as a landmark decision, Barnet Borough Council rejected the application on the grounds of Planning Policy Statement 6 (PPS6), which aimed to protect town centres. The council, which turned down the application in December 2005, argued that the store would damage other shops on the High Street, so would be damaging to the vitality and viability of the town centre, against the stipulations of PPS6.


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Campaign Updates
Ballards Lane, Finchley

9 April 2007
Appeal dismissed

Planning Inspector decided against the application, upholding the Council's decision. The Planning Inspector judged that the store would harm the vitality and viability of local town centres and that the application had failed to demonstrate need for the store.

15 January 2007
Public inquiry held

After Tesco appealed against refusal.

21 December 2005
Plans rejected

Because of the shop's expected harmful effects on the town centre.