Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Aberdeen, Abderdeenshire

The Coop is trying to turn the former Ferryhill Tavern on South College Street into a new store.

However, 174 objection letters have been submitted, meaning it has been referred to the council’s planning development committee.

Issues raised ranged from the noise of increased traffic to parking problems caused by lorry deliveries and the impact on nearby flats.

The report to councillors has recommended refusal, citing the combination of “insufficient parking, the inherent issues of using Bank Street for deliveries due to its residential nature, and steep and narrow layout, and the nature of South College Street as an important and busy thoroughfare between the city centre and the south of Aberdeen. It added: “The proposal could result in severe congestion and would have a detrimental impact on road and pedestrian safety.


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Campaign Updates
Aberdeen, Abderdeenshire

17 June 2016
Plans to turn former pub into supermarket rejected

A total of 174 letters of objection were received by the council, with only four in support of the proposals.Officers at the council advised the plans be turned down, citing insufficient parking for the shop and adverse effects for nearby residents and smaller buildings. They warned the proposals would result in “severe congestion” on South College Street.