Campaigning to curb supermarket power



Local retailers attack planning overhaulThe Times, 30th December 2009

A significant overhaul of the planning system intended to protect town centres and independent retailers from out-of-town supermarkets was attacked last night as a sop to the big more... Asda to review Savills contract

Daily Telegraph, 16 December 2009

Savills has become involved in an unusual squabble with Asda that could see the property agent lose its contracts to work with the more...

 It’s all about tackling telecoms ‘the Tesco way’The Times, 14th December 2009

Most companies would blanch at entering Britain’s cut-throat, over-populated communications market. But not more... Tesco to open customer-free 'dark stores'

Daily Telegraph, 6th December 2009

Supermarket giant Tesco is opening a network of 'dark stores' which will never be visited by more... 

 Tesco fightback campaign lures shoppers away from rivals

The Guardian, 6th December 2009

Britain's biggest retailer, Tesco, is expected to report like-for-like sales growth of 3% in its latest trading update on Tuesday and tell investors that it is continuing to lure shoppers from more...

 Tesco ‘plans massive superstore surge’ before proposed restrictionsThe Times, 4th December 2009

Tesco is planning scores of new supermarkets across Britain before a proposed clampdown that would restrict its ability to more... Every little helps ... but a lot helps even moreThe Times, 4th December 2009

The idea that Tesco was turning its focus away from Britain was never very more... Supermarket’s plea to Mandelson

The Observer, 29th November 2009

Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda have held 13 meetings with Lord Mandelson and his department to halt plans to regulate their deals with more...

 Tesco policy on plastic is fantastic, says university (after bagging £25 million)

The Times, 27th November 2009

A university that accepted £25 million from Tesco has published a report with misleading figures to endorse the supermarket’s policy of giving away billions of single-use carrier more..

 Tesco 'to use Clubcard for credit rating', 23 November 2009

Credit scores may be determined by shopping habits. Tesco may be planning to use customers' shopping habits as a tool to determine whether they are credit-worthy or more...

 Phillip Blond: Conservatives should break up big supermarketsDaily Telegraph, 26th November 2009

Phillip Blond, the head of the ResPublica think-tank, launched a broad attack on Tesco and other big supermarkets, suggesting they are too big and should be broken more... Tesco's ambitions laid bare

Morning Line,| 20th November 2009

Is there any corner of the market that Tesco isn’t seeking to conquer? And does it matter? more...

 Dispatch from Sheringham

Financial Times, 20th November 2009

Just before it reaches its destination, the little railway line that runs north out of Norwich briefly catches sight of the North Sea. The day I travelled on it, a group of paragliding enthusiasts were out above the eroding cliffs. They seemed to be hovering, like kestrels, defying both a drab November Monday and – it appeared – the law of more...

 Tony Blair in talks with Tesco over £1m deal as supermarket eyes Middle East

Mail on Sunday, 2nd November 2009

Tony Blair faced fresh questions over his role as Middle East envoy yesterday after it was claimed he had been in talks to help Tesco open stores in the region for a fee of £ more...


 The fight is on to protect villages from supermarket domination

Daily Mail, 19th October 2009

The Duke of Edinburgh might have come out with some howlers in his time, but his latest pronouncement on the typical British village may not be far off the more...

 Are the days of the checkout worker numbered? Tesco pioneers first ever self-service only shop

Daily Mail, 22nd October 2009

Tesco sounded the death knell for checkout workers today after opening Britain's first entirely self-service more...

 Editor-At-Large: Tesco calls its big sites 'towns'. I call them monopolies

The Independent, 18 October 2009

Brave new world or corporate toytown? Residents of east London have watched as large swathes of the area have been torn down to accommodate the 2012 more...


Tesco clears stock to make room for banks

The Grocer, 17th October 2009

Tesco is clearing the storerooms of some of its Extra stores to use as bank more...

 Tesco racked up huge legal bill in competition test battle

The Guardian, 15th October 2009

Tesco ran up a legal bill of nearly £1.4m in its failed bid to overturn a Competition Commission recommendation to impose a new planning hurdle that restricts supermarkets from opening new more...

 Asda slips up on banana price war

The Guardian, 12th October 2009 

Bananas down to 38p per kilo in Asda, 35p per kilo in Tesco this week. A supermarket price war over a fruit with as much comic potential as the banana ought to be funny. Asda has said that it will take the cost of slashing the retail price from its own margins and not pass the pain on down the supply chain, so surely consumers can only benefit as the big four rivals slug it out for market share. Except, of course, we know that's not how the script usually runs when UK supermarkets start price more...

 UK supermarkets warned over banana price war

The Observer, 11th October 2009

As growers in the developing world go out of business, fears are growing for the stability of some small economies dependent on the more...

 Small is beautiful - smaller supermarkets are the key to growth

The Retail Bulletin, 9th October 2009

The emergence of a significant number of new smaller-format grocery stores has succeeded in overhauling the UK marketplace in the past 12 months, introducing more competition than the sector has seen for many more..

 Supermarkets face planning testBBC News, 2nd October 2009
The Competition Commission will press ahead with tougher planning hurdles to stop supermarkets dominating in a local area - but has revised its more...
  Every little helps if you want to beat Tesco

The Independent, 1st October 2009

Armed with civic pride, determination and a large quantity of notepaper, the inhabitants of a small Yorkshire town have seen off Britain's biggest retailer, more...

 Waitrose to open 300-strong network of convenience stores

The Guardian, 24th September 2009

Waitrose has unveiled plans for a huge network of convenience stores and a deal to sell Waitrose-branded food in hundreds of branches of more...

 Tesco denies copying Next's clothes linesDaily Telegraph, 21st September 2009

A legal row has erupted between Tesco and Next, two of the UK's largest retailers, over the sale of multiple lines of clothing that Next claims infringes its design more...  Tesco and Co-op continue moves into financial services

Fresh Plaza, 14th September 2009

Insurance group Fortis and Tesco today formerly agreed their partnership to provide motor and household insurance in more...

 Co-op accused of demanding 'unreasonable' terms from farmersThe Observer, 13 September 2009

The Co-op, which boasts about its ethical credentials, has been accused by farmers of making "unreasonable" demands and flexing its market muscle in the wake of its £1.6bn takeover of more... Retailers investing in mixed-use sports stadia face challenges

Retail Week, 4th September 2009

As development opportunities dry up, retailers are investing in mixed-use sports stadia. But, as Sara McCorquodale finds, getting such projects off the ground isn’t more...

 Time for Tesco to change its tune on UnicefIrish Times, 27th August 2009

Ali Hewson, Stephen Rea, Marian Finucane, Colin Farrell, Ryan Tubridy and rugby star Donncha O’Callaghan are on your side, who could possibly be against you? This is the question that must have Unicef Ireland’s staff and high-profile supporters scratching their heads in disbelief in recent more... Tesco found guilty of of using bogus statistics to convince town it needed a supermarket

Daily Mail, 26th August 2009

Tesco was rapped by ASA for claiming a 'comprehensive' poll found in favour of a new supermarket - compared to the eight per cent who actually wanted one Tesco has been found guilty of using bogus statistics in a bid to win public backing for its efforts to expand its supermarket more...


 British plums left to rot as our stores buy cheap foreign imports

Daily Mail, 21st August 2009

Famers are being forced to let this year's bumper crops rot on the trees because supermarkets are buying cheap more...

 Brands fighting for shelf space now that Wal-Mart believes less is moreThe Observer, 16 August 2009

Wal-Mart is having a good recession. The world's biggest retailer surprised Wall Street last week with robust quarterly profits but its success has come at a heavy price for suppliers, rooted as it is in a ruthless efficiency drive, dubbed Project Impact, that has sent out shock waves from its HQ in Bentonville, more... Tesco 'propping up' trading with £200m Clubcard promotion

Daily Telegraph, 14th August 2009

Tesco's decision to double Clubcard points follows a £150m relaunch of card in May. Tesco said yesterday that it planned to double shoppers' rewards from its Clubcard loyalty scheme from Monday, a move City analysts estimate will cost the supermarket group more than £ more...

 Buy one, bin one free: How cynical supermarket offers make us throw away food by the ton

Daily Mail, 12th August 2009

The amount of food we waste in Britain is phenomenal. According to some studies, one third of all the produce bought by shoppers actually ends up in the bin. Every year, an estimated 4.1million tonnes of food is thrown away... read more... 


 Tesco hides figures after missing target to reduce plastic bag usageThe Times, 4th August 2009

Britain’s biggest supermarket chain has published misleading figures giving the impression that it had met an industry target to halve the use of plastic more... Supermarkets: where's the beef from?The Guardian, 3rd August, 2009

The decision by major footwear companies to demand a moratorium from their leather suppliers shifts attention to the British supermarkets named in the Greenpeace more... Small shops protest over a new threat as changes to planning rules 'help big stores'

Daily Mail, 1st August 2009

The Government faces mounting pressure to scrap changes to planning rules that retailers fear will turn High Streets into ghost towns full of boarded-up more...

 Tesco 'appalled' by forged letter of support for new store developmentDaily Telegraph, 29th July 2009

Planners at Leeds City Council have launched an investigation after a letter of support for a controversial new Tesco store was discovered to be a more... New rules 'threat to High Street'BBC News, 25th July 2009

Traditional high streets could be put at risk from out-of-town shopping areas unless proposed changes to planning rules are scrapped, MPs have more...
  Tesco seeks to boost bank arm

Financial Times, 19th July 2009

Tesco, Britain’s biggest retailer, is considering seeking a separate credit rating for its financial services arm to give it more clout for its aggressive assault on more...

 Tesco ready for new battle against planning curbs

The Times, 17th July 2009

The competition watchdog is to press ahead with its plan to stop the growth of “Tesco towns”, where one retail group dominates a local more...

 Conservatives and retailers prepare battle lines for the futureThe Times, 13th July 2009

Take a walk through the gothic halls of Westminster, the lobbies and the bars, and it looms over every MP and every conversation — enormous, dark and terrifying. The unavoidable prospect of a general election, almost certainly next year, is at the back, if not the front, of everyone’s more... Tesco chief takes flak from unions and investors at fiery AGM

The Guardian, 3rd July 2009

Tesco came under fire from investors and union leaders at a fiery annual general meeting in Glasgow today, with changes to the retailer's share option scheme attracting one of the biggest protest votes the City has more...

 Tesco 'could bid for Northern Rock'MSN Money, 1st July 2009

Tesco may launch a bid for Northern Rock as the Government attempts to sell off the nationalised lender before the General Election, according to more... Tesco's treatment of staff overseas comes under fire from trade union

The Independent, 1st July 2009

An international trade union group has lambasted Tesco's over its labour practices in some foreign countries, but the global retail giant hit back calling the attack "politically motivated" more...

 Supermarkets seize chance for land grabThe Observer, 28th June 2009

Britain's supermarkets are using the property crash to seize sites for new stores in a land grab that could redefine the retail sector for years to more... Supermarkets object to watchdog plansDaily Telegraph, 22nd June 2009

Plans for a voluntary "supermarket tsar" to oversee the relationship between big grocery chains and their suppliers are close to collapse after objections from the UK's 'big four' more... Supermarket battle to intensify as Sainsbury's eyes growth in region

Yorkshire Post, 18th June 2009

Sainsbury’s revealed record first quarter sales as it looked to expand beyond its heartland into the North. Sainsbury's is planning to expand in Yorkshire and the North to take on rivals Asda and Morrisons as it cashes in on record more...

 Sainsbury's is growing for it

The Sun, 18th June 2009

Sainsbury's is raising nearly £450million to fund a "once in a lifetime" land-grab across the UK. Chief executive Justin King yesterday said Britain's third-largest supermarket chain was planning its biggest expansion drive in more...

 Tesco growth lags behind smaller rivalsThe Guardian, 16th June 2009

Britain's biggest retailer has been losing market share for several months and today's figures show that trend is more... Lacklustre growth for Tesco as rivals surge ahead

The Observer, 14 June 2009 

Tesco is likely to face fresh questions about its strategy next week as it reveals sales growth figures that trail those of its biggest more...

 Move to stabilise volatile milk market is pondered

The Press & Journal, 28th May 2009

Regulation could be on the way to protect farmers from retailers buying farm produce at below the cost of more...

 Space race and falling inflation test supermarkets

Reuters, 15th May 2009

A big rise in new selling space, a possible steep fall in food price inflation and signs of recovery at rivals in the non- food sector are likely to test the resilience of Britain's top grocers in the coming more...

 Tesco 'breaking promise' to South African fruit pickers

The Guardian, 15th May 2009

Anti-poverty campaigners have accused Tesco of breaking a pledge to improve the pay and working conditions of South African fruit pickers who have helped the retail giant to record annual profits of more than £ more...

 Dobbies expands on back of sales increaseDIY, 11th May 2009

Tesco-owned garden centre chain Dobbies, the second largest in the UK after Wyevale, has bucked the sales trend of the past 12 months with an annual sales increase of 12% taking turnover to £ more... Sainsbury's to create 6,000 jobs with 150 new 'corner shops' plan

The Mirror, 14th May 2009

Sainsbury's is going back to its roots with a plan for 150 new "corner shops", creating 6,000 more...

 Stores boost loyalty discounts in bit to attract credit crunch customersDaily Mail, 8th May 2009

Stores are radically revamping their loyalty card schemes - boosting the value of discounts - or launching new ones in an attempt to attract more... Real green shoots: Gardens prove fertile ground for Dobbies and Tesco

The Sunday Times, 10th May 2009

The garden-centres group Dobbies is one of the few companies that can really claim to see green shoots in its more...

 Supermarkets rush into banking

The Times, 3rd May 2009

Tesco is leading the pack with plans for a bank. But retailers have a patchy record in financial services... read more...

 Tesco squeezes suppliers with 40% rebate demand

Daily Mail, 2nd May 2009

Tesco is facing revolt from contractors after trying to cut fees. Tesco, which recently broke through the £3billion profit barrier, is facing a revolt from the building contractors, consultants and engineers who build and look after the supermarket's more...


 Sainsbury puts the squeeze on alcohol suppliers

Daily Telegraph, 26th April, 2009

J Sainsbury, the supermarket group, has threatened to delist alcohol suppliers who fail to absorb the increase in duty announced by the Government in last week's more...

 Mandate not ruling out strike action at Tesco

Belfast Telegraph, 23rd April 2009

The Mandate trade union says it is not ruling out strike action at Tesco stores across the country to protest at new working arrangements being sought by the British more...

 Every little helps. But £3bn helps a lot moreThe Observer, 19 April 2009

For investors, Tesco is the fruit machine that keeps paying out, but unlike the penny arcades the prizes are staked in billions. In 2001 the jackpot hit £1bn. If you pulled the arm five years later, it belted out £2bn. Kerching! Next week it will be £3bn - another bumper payout from a retail juggernaut that racks up £8m profit a more... Tesco plans to expand its telecoms and finance armsThe Observer, 19 April 2009 

Tesco is to throw down the gauntlet to the telecoms and banking industries in the coming year after cementing its position as the dominant force in UK retail with record-breaking profits of £ more... Every little helps ... Tesco tills now ring up £1 billion every week

Evening Stanard, 16th April 2009

The Tesco juggernaut is set to crash through another symbolic barrier when its till takings exceed £1 billion a week for the first more...

 Staff at Irish Tesco store vote for strike

The Guardian, 21st April 2009

While Tesco toasted its record profits yesterday workers at a store in Ireland voted to strike in a row over terms and conditions under the threat of dismissal by the supermarket more...

 Tesco criticised for Israeli goods boycott hotline

The Guardian, 10 April 2009

Tesco has come under fire from the pro-Israel lobby after setting up a customer helpline option for people to complain about it stocking Israeli more...

 Competition test may go ahead despite Tesco victoryThe Guardian, Saturday 4 April 2009

The Competition Commission has been given a second attempt at designing a test that aims to stop one supermarket chain dominating a local market, after a decision by the appeals tribunal more... Tesco to launch bank branches and current accountsThe Telegraph, 28th March 2009

Tesco, the UK's largest supermarket, will open bank branches in 30 of its stores by the end of 2009 as part of a massive assault on the financial services more... Supermarkets: the inconvenience storesThe Times, 27th March 2009

It's a British high street ritual these days: signing the petition against the supermarkets. We usually perform it in a charming deli-café amid the scents of cappuccino and croissant. There are preserves and pickles in retro glass jars on the shelves, smiles on the well-spoken manager; you may hear the hollow ring of an almost empty cash register. And in the distance, a sound of thunder, as the great British supermarket mammoth comes stomping up the street, treading on the dreams of small more... Asda suppliers under pressureThe Observer, 22 March 2009 

Asda is putting the squeeze on suppliers by demanding lower prices to boost its fire power in an intensifying price war with rivals such as more... Britain has more supermarkets than pubs, figures showDaily Telegraph 21st March 2009

There are now more supermarkets than pubs for the first time in Britain, according to statistics which highlight the dramatic decline of the country's once thriving pub more... Brian Ford's Tesco sale will not be investigated, 20th March, 2009

Brian Ford's secret sale to Tesco in October 2003 will not be referred to the Competition Commission, it has been confirmed. After a tip-off by a "third party competitor", the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) launched an investigation last year into the covert sale of the Barnstaple family more...

 Rivals up in arms over Tesco planning victory

Retail Week, 6th March 2009

Rival grocers have hit out against the Competition Appeal Tribunal's ruling in favour of Tesco in its appeal against the proposed planning system competition more...

 Tesco has made hundreds of planning applications to open up at failed pub sitesMail on Sunday, 8th March 2009

Tesco has lodged hundreds of planning applications to cash in on the failure of pubs and rival more... Sainsbury's buys 24 Co-op storesDaily Telegraph, 4th March 2009

J Sainsbury, the supermarket, has bought 24 stores from the Co-op for £83m, the retailer said today. Sainsbury's will spend £45m converting the stores to its own more... Tesco admits: We got it wrong in USSunday Times, 22nd February 2009

The head of Tesco’s US operation, Fresh & Easy, has said its early market research was mistaken and it may make big changes to the more... Leahy says supermarkets too hasty judging GMInternational Supermarket News, 10th February 2009 

Speaking in a panel debate after delivering the City Food Lecture in London last week, Tesco chief executive Sir Terry Leahy has admitted UK supermarkets may have made the decision to reject GM products too hastily and signalled Tesco is willing to re-open the more... 
  Tesco to launch own-brand clothes websiteReuters, 31st January 2009

Tesco plans to tap into the fast-growing market for online fashion shopping by launching a website this autumn that will sell own-brand clothing ranges like Cherokee and F& more... Tesco tells suppliers to cut prices

The Financial Times, 29 January 2009

Tesco’s chief executive has told suppliers that they will have to bring down prices to help cash-strapped consumers in the latest salvo of what is shaping up to be a combative year for retailers and consumer goods more...

 Tesco in secret talks to improve chicken welfare

Supermarket giant looks at poultry conditions after campaign by celebrity chef
The Independent, 26th January 2009

Tesco has been secretly meeting poultry farmers to discuss improving the life of its 200 million broiler more...

 Tesco lobbies for right to cut pension payments

The Observer, Sunday 25 January 2009

Tesco has lobbied the government to push through reforms to the UK's retirement rules that would allow the supermarket to cut its final salary pension payouts if employees live longer than more...

 Green light for Somerfield takeover

Evening Standard, 16th January 2009

The Co-op has been given the green light for its takeover of rival Somerfield after reaching an agreement with competition authorities to sell off more than 130 more...

 UK: Tesco market share dips again, 13 January 2009

Tesco has seen its share of the UK grocery market dip again, according to the latest figures from retail analysts TNS more...

 Tesco and Currys to report worst sales since 1990s

Sunday Times, 11 January 2009

Two of Britain’s biggest retailers, Tesco and DSG International, will this week report their weakest Christmas sales figures since the recession of the early more...